London Welsh RFC Mini Rugby

The Game

Mini Rugby is the first step on the Rugby Union ladder, introducing children from the ages of 5 – 12 to the game. The club welcomes parental involvement whether with the training or as a volunteer. Please let your child's head coach know and they will point you in the right direction. In fact, most of our coaches are parents who, after playing rugby themselves have now qualified by attaining the WRU or RFU Preliminary Coaching Award. Most coaches have achieved Level 1 and Level 2 certifications.

Safguarding of children is foremost in the thinking of London Welsh. We support and adhere fully to the RFU guidelines, which can be found here. To put any concerns to rest, the RFU has also published this Parents Guide.

Our introduction, starting with the Under 6’s, is a fun, yet structured approach to ball-handling skills, team building and tag rugby. From there, the Under 7’s learn and practice honing their ball and tagging skills – achieved through weekly training sessions, quite often in conjunction with other Mini Rugby clubs. During this year, the kids are also introduced to competitive tagging games against other clubs. Tag rugby advances through to the Under 8’s. This year not only continues tag training and matches, but also introduces contact rugby which the children start the following year.

From Under 9 to Under 12, the children continue training and competing in full contact rugby.

The Rugby Football Union (RFU) has published an introduction to our sport which can be downloaded here:

A Beginner's Guide To Rugby Union

Even if your child has not played rugby before do not worry!! Please come down to see us for a taster session at no cost. We welcome all children.

From the start of the next season, all teams from Under 7 - Under 12 will have the opportunity of playing in a "curtain raiser" game before the senior 1st team matches. Children are also welcome to become mascots - representing the club at the senior 1st team matches.

The Club

Rugby is a team game both on and off the field. Our clubhouse, the hub of our training grounds at Old Deer Park, offers a place for all members of the player’s family to socialize before and after training. As much team and friendship building occurs during training as it does afterwards.

There are no prerequisites to becoming a member of the club – including being Welsh! We welcome children of all abilities and nationalities and openly encourage their families to become actively involved in the training and support of both their children and the club.

It is due to the unwavering support and commitment of our coaches and parents who volunteer their time unconditionally, that the club as a whole and the individual teams are so successful in every way possible.

Membership to the club has a nominal cost – what Mini Rugby gives and what the kids get from the club … is priceless!

London Welsh was established in 1885 and many famous names have made their way up the ranks to play both nationally and internationally.


Kit is sold at Greycourt and at Old Deer Park on practice days. See the Equipment page for details.

Breaking News

1. Pitchero website Registration

We are now managing all of our player, parent and member registrations through the Pitchero web site at Please register at the web site so that you can receive club news and information, calendar updates, group bulletins and more. We would also like you to make your membership payments through the site where we have setup all the membership packages for you to select. If you are having problems with your Pitchero registration then please email support.

2. Next season - REGISTRATION OPEN

Registration for the 2015/16 season is now open. Click here to get to the online form. Remember that all players must be registered in order to play.

Look out for the new offers on season tickets for the Premiership, and for the opportunity to join the ballot for Six Nations tickets.